Yoga for Beginners - 6 week course

Course Outline

Session 1, Finding our feet

The structure of the foot and the 3 arches
"The formation of the arch in the foot is essential in order to stand and walk in a proper way". Vanda Scaravelli
Standing poses
Breath awareness
Progressive muscular relaxation

Session 2, Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Introducing your spinal curves
Effortless standing (it's hard work!) – using our bones and gravity for support.
More standing poses
Breath awareness
Autogenic relaxation

Session 3, Sitting pretty

Sitting postures
Breath awareness
'wave' breathing
Rotation of consciousness (relaxation)

Session 4, Bending over backwards

Introducing backbends
'wave' breathing
30 point relaxation

Session 5, Here comes the sun

Putting some of the forward and backward bends that we have practiced into the sequence known as Salute to the Sun (surya namaskara).
Sitting and breathing
Relaxation with visualisation

Session 6, Topsy, turvey world

Starting to go upside down (don't panic!) building good foundations
Sitting and breathing with a rest after the exhalation
Relaxation with sound

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