Articles about Vanda Scaravelli, Diane Long and the work

Vanda Scaravelli, her legacy and my yoga by Anne Vincent

A Soujourn with Diane Long in Varanasi, India by Anne Crowley

What is This Way of Working? by Ed Fellows

When Movement Becomes Meditation: The Legacy of Vanda Scaravelli by Nan Wishner

Inspired by Vanda Scaravelli by Jane Sill [pdf file].

The Teachings of the Late Vanda Scaravelli; A Workshop with Diane Long by Sharon Steffensen

Vanda Scaravelli: Her Legacy (Is it a New Yoga or are we truly returning to our original yoga roots?) by Ingrid Kottler

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Recommended Articles

The Myth of Core Stability by Eyal Lederman

This article re-examines the original findings and the principles of core stability and how well they fare within the wider knowledge of motor control, prevention of injury and rehabilitation of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems following injury.

Do Back Exercises Work? by Peta Bee

This article examines whether the effects of core-stability training are as beneficial as we have been led to believe.

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My Teachers

Diane Long Diane Long, an American living in Italy, studied with the late Vanda Scaravelli for 23 years. I regularly travel to Italy to work with her. She comes to the UK two or three times a year so catch a workshop with her if you can.

Peter Blackaby Peter Blackaby is a teacher in Brighton. His approach to yoga is rooted in humanistic philosophy and his work complements that of Diane. Peter is a very popular teacher who runs workshops throughout the country.

Tony Sargeant Tony Sargeant is the head and founder of Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe. Tony Sensei encouraged me to practice yoga to help my aikido.

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Yoga classes and workshops in Poole, Dorset with Anne Vincent a fellow student of Diane Long.

Anne's Yoga Blog

BWY South West Region Yoga events and classes in SW.

Yoga Pages listing website.

Yoga Finder listing website.

All About Yoga listing website.

Yoga Nearby listing website.

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Insightful & inspiring words A selection of quotes collated by Anne Vincent.

Wellsprings Aikido Aikido training in Corfe Mullen under the direction of Sensei Mark Allcock. Wellsprings Aikido is part of the Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe family.

Tai chi & Aiki Jo in North Devon My friend Richard Small teaches tai chi and aiki jo in North Devon. Visit these websites for details of Richard's classes and to read his stories and other articles.

The Healing Space For tai chi, reiki, EmoTrance and more. Run by my tai chi teacher Tony Birdfield.

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